Paul Allen on Becoming a Parallel Entrepreneur

Utah has our very own Paul Allen. Not the Paul Allen of Microsoft fame, but a Paul Allen who's made a name for himself in the high tech community by starting ventures such as Infobases, Folio, and Paul knows a lot about starting companies and willingly shares his knowledge with anyone willing to come to his class at UVSC on Wednesday evenings. Paul, who recently started blogging, is trying to move past being a serial entrepreneur and become a parallel entrepreneur. Here's a list of the companies that Paul's involved in right now.

I've recently been thinking along those lines myself, although on a smaller scale than Paul. I find being on lots of boards and involved in a number of companies to be quite exciting. I'm usually more interested in equity from those activities than cash because I think that's the real payoff. Like Paul, I think there's less chance of vast wealth, but I believe there's a greater chance of good wealth, and even if there's not, its a lot of fun. The trick to doing this is to get in a position where you can afford to be picky and work for equity when appropriate. I've found that's more a matter of mindset than it is the balance of your checking account. The key is being willing to commit; its hard to make money waffling.

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