vSpring Capital Unveils its Inaugural v|100

The v|100 is officially known as the vSpring Capital Top 100 Venture Entrepreneurs and was conceived by vSpring as a tool to recognize the region's outstanding entrepreneurs and to support and promote collaborative partnering and mentoring among top entrepreneurs in the region. This is important to the Utah business community since lack of corporate leadership experience is one of the identified hurdles that Utah has to overcome to attract more venture capital. This list is the beginning of a group that can mentor new leaders and serve as management for new ventures. Members of the list have raised more than $1.8 billion in capital and formed companies leading to the creation of more than 7,000 jobs. The vast majority (more than 70 percent) has founded Utah-based businesses during the past 10 years.

"Those nominated to the v|100 have made a significant positive impact to the Utah economy and the quality of life for its people," said Scott Peterson, Ernst & Young's Pacific Northwest area assurance managing partner and the former managing partner of the Ernst & Young Salt Lake City office. "The v|100 is solid proof that Utah is not only a phenomenal incubator of innovative technologies and technology companies, but that it has a large pool of seasoned executives and technologists driving that success. It is likely they will continue to drive this trend, which makes it appropriate for them to be recognized in this way."

The group was selected through a nomination process followed by a poll of those nominated wherein they selected their own top ten. I was honored to be among the group chosen.

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