Apple and the Enterprise

Aaron Vegh has written a piece at on Apple and the Enterprise. After talking about the problems that the Sassar worm caused for his employer, he says:

This isn't the first time that those widely-publicized Windows security issues have bitten this company. When you think of both man-hours trying to fix the problem, and the combined loss of productivity in a company this size, the cost must be amazing. So the question must be asked: how can this company -- indeed, any large corporation -- rationally choose to support a Windows infrastructure?

The answer is complicated, and has as much to do with inertia, ignorance and comfort level as it does with dollars and cents.
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Aaron then gives four reasons why Apple cannot compete in the enterprise in spite of the problems Windows faces:

  1. Enterprise IT hates surprises
  2. Apple does not have a dedicated enterprise sales force
  3. Apple does not support dozens of enterprise applications
  4. No ISV channel for enterprise applications

I don't think these reasons are far off. What's more, these same problems would largely apply to Linux as well. Selling to large corporations is a complicated business. Microsoft has it covered.

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