Apple Previews Tiger

Banners hung at Apple's 2004 WWDC taunt Microsoft
Steve Jobs unveiled Tiger, Apple's newest version of the OS X operating system, at the 2004 world wide developer's conference (WWDC) yesterday. The hall was hung with banners that threw the announcement in Microsoft's face with slogans like "This should keep Redmond busy," "Redmond, start you photocopiers," "Redmond we have a problem," and "Introducing Longhorn." The two most interesting part of the Tiger announcement to me are a system wide search feature called Spotlight that searches everything, including email and appointment, rather than just files and an RSS feedreader integrated into Safari (the Apple browser). I was hoping we'd get it as a Christmas present, but it looks like 2005 before it ships. If you'd like to see Job's keynote its online.

If you watch this Safari preview you'll see some of the feedreader features, including searching on feeds and auto-discovery inside the browser. Dave Winer has some comments on the RSS reader. He doesn't like that they didn't respect the white on orange RSS icon.

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