BYU Linux Install Fest

The BYU Unix User's Group will be holding a Linux Install Fest this Saturday from 10am to 3pm in the lobby of the Crabtree Building (just south of the Wilkensen Center). They say:

Bring your computer and get help with Linux installation or configuration. We'll have CDs available for Fedora, Mandrake, and Debian. If you would like to use some other distribution, feel free to bring your own CDs, and we'll help you with it.

Remember to backup your data; problems are rare, but it's good to be careful. Defragmenting your hard drive will also speed up the process. A very small number of monitors and keyboards may be available, but you will have to wait in line.
From BYU Unix Users Group - Announcements
Referenced Tue Jun 22 2004 11:34:34 GMT-0600

If you've wanted to give Linux a try and were afriad to strike out on your own, this is your chance. The event is not limited to just those associated with BYU, so come on down! As a follow-up to the Install Fest, UUG will be holding a meeting on July 1st at 7:30pm called "Don't Fear the Penguin" to introduce Linux to newbies.

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