Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook

After reading that the EJB Expert Group determined to use Hibernate for lightweight persistent objects in EJB 3.0, I figured I ought to learn a little more about it. I bought James Elliott's Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook. If you haven't seen them yet, "Developer Notebooks" are from O'Reilly and present a short tutorial on a technology. This one contained chapters on

  • Chapter 1. Installation and Setup
  • Chapter 2. Introduction to Mapping
  • Chapter 3. Harnessing Hibernate
  • Chapter 4. Collections and Associations
  • Chapter 5. Richer Associations
  • Chapter 6. Persistent Enumerated Types
  • Chapter 7. Custom Value Types
  • Chapter 8. Criteria Queries
  • Chapter 9. A Look at HQL

By the time I'd worked by way through it I had a pretty good grasp of Hibernate and felt like I could use it in a project. The running example is complex enough to be interesting without being overwhelming and the book is short (171 pages) so you can move through it pretty quickly. If you have occasion to use persistent objects in Java then Hibernate seems like a good tool and this book will get you going.

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