Supernova: Ray Ozzie on Cooperative Work

Ray Ozzie, the founder of Groove Networks is giving a short perspective on "The Future of Cooperative Work in a Connected World." He's using several case studies with Groove as examples. The talk was interesting and showed how P2P work spaces are being used in Iraq. He cites the example of a Naval Commander with the Iraq Humanitarian Operations Center created an instant interorganizational workspace for doing humanitarian inventories using Groove, their personal laptops, and the open Internet. Here are some points Ray makes based on this and other experiences:

  • A tool's value rises dramatically according to its fitness for purpose
  • Awareness-based swarming is real and valuable.
  • Hybrid architectures are key in an organizational context.
  • Real and compelling local need to work together is required
  • Individuals participate for selfish reasons
  • Trust, accountability, privacy required for participation.
  • Servers a re centers of territorial power
  • Regulatory, compliance issues are real but are sometimes used as weapons.
  • Increased transparency and accountability are very threatening

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