Dave Weinberger on Blogging's Rubicon

Dave Weinberger is one of the convention bloggers at the DNC this week. He believes that blogging the convention has changed how blogging is viewed in some fundamental ways. He writes:

The credentialed bloggers are sitting in the section of the bleachers designated "Blogger Boulevard." Want to know exactly where it is? Easy: It's on the other side of the Rubicon.

This event marks the day that blogging became something else. Exactly what isn't clear yet, and the culture clash is resulting in public functions that, because there is no single culture of blogging, are Dostoyevskian in their awkwardness.
From Boston.com: Blogging crosses over
Referenced Tue Jul 27 2004 16:07:10 GMT-0600

Dave goes on to talk about the blogger breakfast that the DNC threw for them. Fascinating.

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