Browse Happy: The Browser Switching Campaign

Browse Happy logo With recent recent advisories that users stop using IE, up pops a simple site like Browse Happy that not only tells you why you should switch from IE to some other browser, but also gives stories of people who've switched. Here's Alan's story:

The better use of system resources allows me to have more windows open, so not only are there fewer crashes, but I can multi-task more efficiently. While the whole page may not load any quicker, I have a distinct feeling that the text and links load faster, allowing me to surf more quickly. I have just discovered its ability to tab too a really useful innovation. It also has the ability to add the extensions I want, such as the Google bar, and a big M logo on the toolbar to tell me if I have any new mails in my Gmail account.
From Alan Moss Browse Happy
Referenced Tue Aug 24 2004 09:01:21 GMT-0600

The site also has some resource to help you choose a different browser. Put a Browse Happy button on your site.

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