Here's a round-up of some eVoting articles from the last few days:

  • First, the Deseret News has an article about the press conference on eVoting held at the Univ. of Utah last week. Its short, but gets the main point across: "paperless voting are insecure."
  • An opinion piece from the Christian Science Monitor discusses the first use of electronic voting machines with a paper trail in Nevada's primary this month.
    Perhaps inadvertently, Nevada's success will help squash much of the controversy over the reliability of electronic voting machines. Though states are moving toward e-voting - approximately one-third of voters are expected to use such digital machines on Nov. 2 - many types of them still aren't error-free.

    Too many show vulnerability to hacking or software glitches. A paper trail remains the best interim step as states make their glacial efforts to comply with Congress's 2002 Help America Vote Act
    From E-Voting, With a Paper Trail |
    Referenced Mon Sep 27 2004 08:57:23 GMT-0600
  • And, if you just want a little humor, Sundays' Non Sequitur cartoon pokes fun at electronic voting.

I particularly hope that Utah's Voting Equipment Selection Committee pays attention to the Nevada results. They have the flexibility to choose a system with a paper audit trail. There's no good reason to avoid paper--and plenty of reasons not to take any chances.

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