Linux Savior or Sellout?

I was in Borders yesterday looking around and saw Miguel de Icaza staring at me. No, he wasn't in the bookstore, but he's on the cover of the September issue of Technology Review. The article was entitled "Linux Sellout or Savior?" and they played up that angle a bit too much for my taste, but it was still interesting to see the story. I'm sure its some version of reality. :-) Matt Asay was quoted in the article as well:

Matt Asay, Novell's Linux Business Office Director, concedes that it tool Novell employees a while to get used to "this Bohemian invader," as he calls de Icaza. "People were uncomfortable at first," he says. "But you walk around now and the pendulum has swung the other direction. People are giddy with the prospects for open source. I would say the greatest benefit that Novell got from Ximian was not their technology; it was their DNA."

Unfortunately, I can't link to the real article since Technology Review is decidedly not open souce and has a paywall; so, take a look if you're in the bookstore. As a bonus link, there's an interview with Carver Mead that is also very interesting.

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