Jay Lepreau (CS, Univ. of Utah) and I had an editorial in the Salt Lake Tribune yesterday on the dangers of eVoting. Some how the online version is missing the paragraph breaks which makes it somewhat hard to read. Jay's posted a text version with breaks included. The conclusion:

We applaud the state's goal of improving our voting systems. However, the result must really be an improvement. Voting equipment, costs, standards, laws, judicial rulings, and public opinion are all changing fast. Delaying the acquisition by just a single year would definitely reduce the state's risks and likely its costs. Most important, the state must convince its citizens that any new voting system is at least as secure and trustworthy as the financial systems we use daily. Any other course is simply reckless.
From Salt Lake Tribune - Opinion
Referenced Mon Sep 20 2004 06:55:16 GMT-0600

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