New My Yahoo! Beta

Yahoo! has a new beta of their My Yahoo! service available (thanks to Jeremy Zawodny for the link). To use it, just click on the "try new beta" link at the top of your My Yahoo! page. Not only does it incorporate the RSS reading features that have been in beta since January, but the layout is better and the tools cleaner. One thing I really like is that the stories (RSS or otherwise) will display a short summary in addition to the headline so that you can tell if you want to click out or not. As Jeremy says, "The content model is open now." I suspect this will cause more news organizations and other Web sites to take a hard look at RSS. For example, neither the Salt Lake Tribune nor the Deseret News have RSS feeds for their stories. But if they did, their content could be on Yahoo! I've talked with the CIO of the Deseret News about it before. I'm not sure I communicated the point all that well. Maybe now the point will be obvious.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:21 2019.