OSCON 2004 Photos (Finally) Posted

Mt Hood on the flight into Portland.

My pictures from OSCON are finally on my gallery. The reason why its taken more than a month to do it is a tale of the kinds of niggling little computer configuration problems we all love.

Right before OSCON, I moved my gallery to another server. Everything seemed to be working fine but then when I went to upload pictures (from OSCON) it failed. I used iPhoto on my Mac and use Zach Wiley's great little export plugin for iPhoto. So, my first suspicion was that that had failed. I played with it, looked for updates, and then just gave up due to time constraints.

This morning I had some pictures of the installation of my virtualization testbed and ran into the same problem. I decided to fix the problem and I'm happy to report I did. It only took my 2 hours to find out that the problem was that PHP, by default, limits uploads to 2MB. Once I figured out that php.ini needs to be moved by hand (install doesn't do it for you), changed the parameter, and restarted the web server, everything started working again. Along the way, I also had to fix several other problems that cropped up. Whew! I've updated my notes on building Apache to address these issues.

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