The New iMacs Would Make Neat Digital Picture Frames

Speaking of Apple's new iMac, Robert Scoble says:

I don't get it, though. Even if you hate Microsoft, why would you buy a computer that ties you down to one place? I have a desktop at work (and an old one at home). If you held a gun to my head and said "choose" I'd hand you the desktop computers everytime. Portability is just so much more useful. But, now I'm sure I'll hear from all the video game freaks who remind me that you need the latest ATI video card. Geesh, just get an Xbox. Heh.
From Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger
Referenced Thu Sep 02 2004 08:11:32 GMT-0600

I agree that portable is better. I've used nothing but a laptop for six years now. I got my wife an iBook for Christmas to free her from her desktop and she loves it. So why would I buy one of these? Simple: I don't want my kids to have portability. I want them using the computer where I can track what they're doing. I also had the thought that these new iMacs are going to make awesome digital picture frames in a few years. In fact, I think Apple ought to market them that way: use it as a computer until you buy a new one, then hang it on the wall to display your digital albums.

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