DIDW 2004: Art Coviello on RSA

Art Coviello gave the second talk this morning. I didn't bother to blog much of what he said because you can get most of it by reading the marketing speak on RSAs Web site. It was like listening to an infomercial. He even went so far as bringing an AOL exec on stage with him at one point in a little interview setting during one part of the talk to discuss "why AOL thinks RSA is great."

One thing that they talked about was AOL's plans to offer RSA security tokens to their members. If you're not familiar with these, there's a picture of one on the right. At first blush this seems like an interesting idea, until you take it to its extreme. Imagine a world where everyone you have a username and password with wants you to carry a fob to gain access to their service. You'll need a fob bag. This is not the answer unless its coupled with widely available federation.

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