DIDW 2004: Identity for Us

The Identity for Us Panel
I'm in the "Identity for Us" panel which is one of the few sessions that's not about identity in and between large organizations. The moderator is Doc Searls and the panel is Kim Cameron (Microsoft), Marc Canter (Broadband Mechanics), Simon Grice (Midentity), Dick Hardt (SXIP), and Owen Davis (Identity Commons). The discussion is about grassroots digitial identity, social software, identity from the standpoint of the person (what Doc calls "Mydentity"). Its a shame really that there's not more of these here. This is where the really innovative stuff is happening. I sympathize with Phil's need to build a conference and have sponsors and where that drives the agenda. Still, I wish we could have a whole track about the innovative uses of identity outside the corporation. There's plenty there.

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