Grand Central Hosts SOA Developer Contest

Grand Central Communications is sponsoring the Golden Spike Developers contest which offers developers an opportunity to submit entries in three different categories. Multiple prizes will be awarded, and the grand-prize winner will win their "dream workstation" worth up to $10,000. The categories are:

  • Best Business Process
  • Best Use of SOAP APIs
  • Best Use of Rich Client

The contest starts October 18th in conjunction with the Early Access Program and continues to December 10, 2004, with the winners to be announced in January 2005. I've been asked to be one of the judges, along with Tim O'Reilly (O' Reilly Media), Jason Bloomberg (ZapThink), Ron Schmelzer (ZapThink), Bill Appleton (DreamFactory), Tony Hong (XMethods), Phil Wainewright (Loosely Coupled), and Halsey Minor (Grand Central Communications).

If you're interested in SOAs and have a good idea for how they could be used in one of these categories, see Grand Central's Early Access Program page for more details.

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