After playing with JotSpot, my first thought was that getting RSS feeds in Kwiki wouldn't be that tough. In fact, I envisioned something along the lines of the Kwiki GoogleLink module that uses the following syntax:

{google: windley}

to create a google search link for google. I figured, I'd take the GoogleLink module, modify it a little and get something that you could type

{rss: /rss.xml}

on your page and get a nicely formatted link of the RSS feed from the URL on your page.

I grabbed the source, looked at it, realized it would be pretty easy to do, and then, like any lazy programmer, decided to take a look around to ensure someone hadn't already done it. Lo and behold, they have. Alexander Goller had almost exactly what I was looking for. Its called FetchRSS. I installed it on my lab wiki and it works like a champ. Here's a test page I created to see it in action.

Cool, huh? There are a few things I'd like to change. I would like to be able to specify the number of entries to display, for example, and have a summary of the entry (say first N words) specified. That shouldn't be too hard. Now, if I could just find a module that let's me email to a page the way that JotSpot can...

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