Identity and Credibility

Baseline has a good article on the intersection of identity, security, and corporate credibility. This should be required reading for IT and marketing executives thinking about a new eBusiness initiative. In its typical style, Baseline tells the story through a case study of a marketing executive at an insurance company, AGIA, who struggles to launch a new eBusiness program, including an email campaign, only to find that their Web site was hacked on the critical day. The crucial question:

[T]he incident underscores important lessons for companies that handle sensitive customer information, particularly smaller companies like AGIA. They must fiercely protect the integrity of their systems and networks, even when it means stretching limited resources to do so. How was AGIA supposed to build a business on protecting consumers from identity theft if it couldn't protect itself?
From AGIA: Identity Crisis
Referenced Wed Nov 03 2004 07:41:22 GMT-0700

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