KSL Radio has RSS

I've been trying to get news outlets in Utah to put up RSS feeds for a while. Russ Hill, News Director for KSL Radio wrote today to tell me that KSL Radio has an RSS feed. That's cool. They ought to put an "Add to MyYahoo!" button on the page as well for people who won't know what the XML button means. This is a good development.

Of course, having a radio station with an RSS feed immediately makes me think they ought to be using enclosures to send along the audio of the story. One feed with audio and one without. The audio of most of their stories are streamable from the Web page, so they already generate the content.

KSL Radio even has the opportunity to put ads in the enclosures. Place an ad at the beginning or end of the audio file and I'll likely listen to it. Do something like "this clip sponsored by Foobar Jeans..." In audio, you can attach the ad to the content more easily since its all sequential.

With this one discovery, KSL Radio has become my premiere news source for Utah news simply because I'll now see the latest stories from them several times a day without linking out to their site.

Think about seeing ten to twenty stories in your feedreader, clicking the ones you like and self-assembling a news program that you take on your iPod while you jog or drive into work. That is entirely possible using the technology we've already got.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.