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Paul Allen, one of Utah's entrepreneurial lights and a friend, has a blog that's one year old yesterday. He takes the opportunity to talk about the power of blogging and makes a great reference to Benjamin Franklin. Ben signed his name B. Franklin, Printer, in spite of all his other accomplishments. Paul says:

I think I know why.

Words are powerful. According to scripture, they are more powerful than the sword.

Through the power of the press, Benjamin Franklin helped rally a nation to fight for independence from the British crown. He had helped Thomas Paine emigrate from England in October 1774. With some assistance from Franklin, Thomas Paine went on to publish the pamphlet Common Sense, which more than any other tract rallied Americans (including George Washington) to fight for independence. It is reported that more than 500,000 copies of Common Sense were printed in a nation of just a few million people.

A great nation was formed by the power of words and the freedom of the press which gave expression to those words.
From Paul Allen: Internet Entrepreneur
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Paul goes one to talk about the things blogging has brought to him and signs off P. Allen, Blogger. Very good.

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