Jon is expounding the virtues of

What Roland Piquepaille is doing here, like what I'm doing here, begins with self-interested personal information management. We categorize our own items first and foremost for our own benefit, so that we can find things more easily and so that we can better understand how new items relate to our collective works.

But is also a social system. The tagging I do is also potentially useful to you. For example, Roland's entry today cited several of my prior items about A shorthand way to refer to those -- and, in fact, to all six (soon to be seven) items in that set -- is: That's a nice convenience
From Jon Udell: Cornucopia of the commons
Referenced Wed Nov 10 2004 08:45:04 GMT-0700

Jon goes on to talk about using as a way to get information about what other people are bookmarking your posts and, potentially, to find larger communities with like interests. I've found to be a great way to organize bookmarks and, using the RSS feeds, have my students follow what I'm book marking. When I want to bring something to their attention, I can just bookmark it in and they see it in their feedreader. Very easy to do.

I haven't yet taken the step that Jon and Ron have and enter bookmarks for each blog entry on this site, but its something I plan on doing. I'm not sure whether to set up a different user name on for that so that its separate from my personal bookmarks, or just use a special tag and then select blog posts by including that tag in the search.

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