Digital Identity Book Back Cover

I recently finished reviewing the first draft of the page proofs for my upcoming book, Digital Identity. I think it's turned out how I wanted it to and I'm excited to have it out and get people's reaction to it. I reviewed the index and saw the back cover copy today. Here's what it says:

The rise of network-based, automated services in the past decade changed the way businesses operate, and not always for the better. Offering services, conducting transactions and moving data on the Web opens new opportunities, but many CTOs and CIOs are more concerned with the risks. Like the rulers of medieval cities, they adopt a siege mentality, building walls to keep the bad guys out. This need for a secure perimeter often hampers the flow of commerce.

Fortunately, some corporations are beginning to rethink how they provide security, so that interactions with customers, employees, partners, and suppliers will be richer and more flexible. Digital Identity explains how to go about it. This book details an important concept known as "identity management architecture" (IMA): a method to provide ample protection while giving good guys access to vital information and systems. IMA is a coherent, enterprise-wide set of standards, policies, certifications and management activities that enable companies like yours to manage digital identity effectively--not just as a security check, but as a way to extend services and pinpoint the needs of customers.

How does digital identity increase business opportunity? Author Phil Windley's favorite example is the ATM machine. With ATMs, banks can now offer around-the-clock service, serve more customers simultaneously, and do it in a variety of new locations. Digital Identity shows CIOs, other IT professionals, product managers, and programmers how security planning can support business goals and opportunities, rather than holding them at bay. With Windley's experience as CTO of iMall, Inc., VP of product development for Excite@Home and CIO in Governor Michael Leavitt's administration in Utah, he provides a rich, real-world view of the concepts, issues, and technologies behind identity management architecture.

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