Hey! That's My Domain Name!

The lawyers liquidating the assets of Excite@Home have finally gotten around to selling to its domain names. The article at MSN features stuff.com in the tagline and also mentions the sale of shoppingcart.com for $285,000. Those were both domain names that I purchased at iMall and went to Excite@Home when we sold iMall to them. I paid $5000 for stuff.com and, I think, $2000, for shoppingcart.com in 1998. The attorneys were not as careful as they should have been with these names. There's a lot more that expired and lost before they got around to selling them. For example, imall.com expired and was renewed by someone else in 2001. Having watched a few of these, I think bankruptcy attorneys are not very good at managing, valuing, and selling non-tangible assets like domain names and IP.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.