MVC in Perl (OSCON 2005)

Perrin Harkins, a Senior Engineer with Plus Three, is speaking on MVC Web development with Perl. He's going to talk about three. The trade-off and primary difference is how much help they give you and the resultant loss of programmer freedom. In order of least restraining to most restraining, he's discussing: CGI::Application, Catalyst, OpenInteract2 (OI2).

These all do some code generation and can pretty much automatically generate standard, single-table CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) application with a Web front-end to a database.

Perrin demonstrated each by building the same application. He choose an application that uses multiple tables to make it a little more complicated.

After listening to the presentation, I think I lean towards using CGI::Application because it seems closer to how I program Perl on the Web.

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