PUGS: A Perl Implementation in Haskell

I was in a talk by Brian Ingerson today on Perl 6 and learned about PUGS an implementation of Perl 6 written in Haskell. I was floored. I've been playing with Haskell for years and showing it to students; I love it for its ideas and elegance. Why did the PUGS team choose Haskell? "Many Perl 6 features have similar counterparts in Haskell: Perl 6 Rules corresponds closely to Parsec; lazy list evaluation is common in both languages; continuation support can be modeled with the ContT monad transformer, and so on. This greatly simplified the prototyping effort: the first working interpreter was released within the first week, and by the third week we had a full-fledged Test.pm module for unit testing." Very cool.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.