I really enjoyed this morning's CTO breakfast a lot. At the suggestion of some attendees, I tried to moderate it a little and keep it more focused on new and interesting technology. Here are some of the things we talked about:

Riya is a new photo sharing service that includes face recognition. You can identify people by selecting their face and typing in something (name, keyword, etc.) The service then will identify that same face using that keyword in any other photos you've uploaded. Very cool. There are some obvious privacy concerns... Right now, it's invitation only and I'd love to get an invitation, but it's also IE only, so I guess I don't care. There's a discussion of Riya at Techcrunch.

Phil Burns brought up Planzo, an online calendaring system. It has RSS, but I can't see that it understands iCalendar format calendars (so I can display calendars I manage in iCal online). Meeting Wizard is a nice tool that has more functionality to me than a simple online calendar since it let's me schedule meetings among various participants.

We had a nice discussion of quality assurance for both software and data. Lots of good ideas. Steve Gray drove up from Cedar City just to participate in that one. He's a principal in Test Foundry and specializes in Web load testing. He's got to love what he does to get up a 4am to drive to a discussion about QA!

We had a short discussion of 37 Signal's WriteBoard and that prompted a discussion of SubEthaEdit, the shared editing solution for Macs, and SynchroEdit, a Web-based shared editing tool that I saw demoed by Chris Allen at IIW2005. Chris is big on social and collaborative software and brought some real world identity needs to IIW2005.

We also talked about Gada.be and XRIs. In fact, since I came back from IIW2005, I've told three different groups about XRIs.

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