IIW2005: Joel Getzendanner on Identity Commons

Joel Getzendanner is introducing Identity Commons. Identity Commons (IC) is not a service provider, a technological alternative, or an umbrella organization. IC is a place for those working on identity. IC is technologically neutral. IC is intended to be a community of shared intent. IC is participant owned, egalitarian, and tries to keep control and content as local and distributed as possible. IC wants minimal authority over participants.

The Identity Commons Web site seems to be mostly about i-names at this point, the primary thing they've been involved in thus far. That probably ought to be redone to more accurately reflect the real goals of the organization.

I have to admit that this discussion left me wondering where the beef was. There was a lot of "we believe in goodness" and "we are a place to work together" without much in the way of "here's a proposal for you all and how we can help."

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