Next Friday at 8am we'll get together for October's CTO Breakfast. I'll just be getting back from two days at the Internet Identity Workshop, so I'm sure I'll be fired up about that. I've also had several people lately ask about building quality assurance organizations and their role in software development, so I thought that would be a good thing to discuss with the group. I'd love to know what people are doing now and think they ought to be doing. Of course, any technology-related topics you're interested in are welcome as well.

As usual, we'll be holding the breakfast at the food court at Canyon Park Technology Center (Building L). See the CTO Breakfast page for more information and directions. Also on that page are dates for future meetings. Note that November's meeting actually will be on Dec 2 and there will be no meeting at the end of December. In January we'll switch to the last Thursday of the month until April.

If you're interested in technology and building products, then you're welcome--even if you've never been a CTO. :-)

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