Alan Kay is giving the Organick Lecture at the University of Utah on Thursday. It's actually two lectures, one in the afternoon on "computer science" and "software engineering" and on in the evening on the $100 laptop. I'm planning on going to both.

If you're interested in riding with me, I've got four seats--first come, first serve. I'll be leaving BYU at 2:15. Since I'm planning on staying for both lectures, I won't be home until late.

If you're already in Salt Lake, it would be fun to get some people together for dinner in between the lectures. Say 5:30 or so at Market Street Broiler. Let me know if you're coming and I'll make reservations.

Some people have asked if these lectures will be available online. I've asked the CS department at Utah and gotten a "maybe" kind of reply. So, I'll let you know later if there's a link.

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