Telecom box left open in Orem
Telecom box left open in Orem
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Yesterday afternoon I was driving down 1600 North in Orem and noticed an open telecom box. I stopped and took a picture. I also tried to close it up. The latching mechanism seemed to be working and undamaged, but there was no handle on the outside (it's removable). The box appeared to house some kind of remote DSLAM and probably Qwest's. It had been open for a while (notice the little icicles hanging inside the cabinet).

I went to the Qwest Web site to find some way to report it and there was nothing obvious. I called and they wanted to know my account number. I finally figured out how to get past their IVR and talk to a human. Fortunately, I wasn't on hold forever. Meanwhile, if you live in southwest Orem and you're DSL isn't working, you can stop over and check on the circuit yourself.

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