Dick Hardt on Identity 2.0 (ETech 2006)

Dick Hardt's company has a big sponsorship presence at ETech, the badge lanyards and even the room keys bear the SXIP badge. This morning he's doing the sequel to his Identity 2.0 talk, made famous by his style and humor. This morning's talks is titled "Who's the Dick on My Site?"

How do I prove I am who I say I am? How do Web sites know the things I want them to know without them to know with minimal disclosure? The content was new, but the message was very much the same, but the presentation is more tutorial in nature. The primary point was the announcement of SXIP 2.0. There's no need to add anything to the browser for SXIP 2.0 to work, but there's an optional plugin for Firefox.

Another interesting feature is replying party notification. When data changes, the homesite (SXIP term) remembers what relying parties have been sent that data in the past and give the user the option of sending an update notification to those relying parties.

A new feature called authoritative sites gives the user the ability to put credentials from the authoritative site on their homesite and later transfer those credentials to the relying party. Interesting way to hide the use of PKI behind a layer of software.

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