Tantek Celik or Technorati and crew are doing a microformats talk. He says that microformats are more than just good class names. There are principles that keep things "micro," process that emphasized getting real, and community that minimizes duplicates.

Here's the process:

  1. Pick a specific, simple problem and define it
  2. Research and document current web publishing behavior
  3. document existing formats in the problem area
  4. brainstorm with implied schema and reuse names
  5. iterate within the community

Rohit Khare takes the mic to talk about work he's doing on microsearch for microformats. One is called miffy. I didn't get the name of the other project. miffy pops up a window that shows microformats on a page. You can send data you find to a index that provides streaming, pubsub-like capture of the stream for display, searching, etc.

Mark Pilgrim takes the stage to talk about magicwand, a GreaseMonkey script that understands microformats. Magicwand searches on pages for microformats (and other things) and gives you a command line for finding them.

Yoz Grahame of Ning shows how microformats are built into Ning. Ning is a social software framework, so there's lots of room to use hCalendar, hCard, and other microformats.

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