Doug Kaye has asked me to be the Executive Producer of IT Conversations, one of the real pioneers in podcasting. Doug's not moving on, he's moving up. As the audience has expanded, the range of topics that could be covered goes well beyond infotech. Doug has started the Conversations Network to cover a broader range of topics. IT Conversations is one of the channels in that network. Soon there will be others, but I'll leave those announcements for Doug.

I'm not leaving BYU. In fact, I see this as a great compliment to my professorial duties--akin to being editor of a major journal. One of the things that professors are supposed to do is influence thinking and I hope that my choices about what's on IT Conversations and how it's produced and distributed will be a positive influence in the world of information technology.

One of the things I've added to my blog is an "Favorites from IT Conversations" column in the right hand column. As I add things to my queue, they show up here. I actually don't use the queue as a place to store things I want to listen to, but a place to put things I've listened to and really enjoyed. If you subscribe to the feed (orange square), you'll get my picks downloaded onto your machine.

I'm honored and humbled that Doug has entrusted his baby to my care. He's done a great job of building it into a significant and viable distribution channel for quality information about infotech. I'll be certain to maintain his high standards of quality in both production and programming. If there's anything you think we could do better, please let me know.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:18 2019.