I'm not sure what to make of this. Last month, I was interviewed (for about an hour) by Celeste Biever who was writing a story on InfoCard for New Scientist. The story came out yesterday. Also yesterday, I got a Google News alert that pointed me at this story from TMCnet. The story seems to be the New Scientist story, at least the first few paragraphs are the same--New Scientist puts the rest of the story behind a paywall.

The TMCnet story references New Scientist, but provides no link and doesn't say that Celeste Biever is the author. TMCnet pops up ads and is filled with ads, so I can only image that they take content from anywhere and republish it. Is this a blatant ripoff, or am I missing something?

In any event, if you're looking to understand InfoCard, this Register story is pretty good and you won't have to pay for it or endure in-your-face advertising to do so.

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