In yesterday's IT Conversations newsletter, I neglected to save the text before I uploaded it to the system that sends it out. The only thing that had changed since the last save was that I'd added ratings to the summaries from last week's shows. Since some people really like that part of the newsletter, I thought I'd remedy the problem here:

To help rate shows, you can either go to the show's detail page, or simply visit recently heard page where you'll see a list of the last 20 shows you downloaded or streamed. That's a convenient one-stop place to rate a bunch of shows.

Just out of curiosity, I decided to look at the top ten shows on ITC. There are currently around 850 shows on ITC that have a ranking of some kind. There are 60 that have a ranking of 4 or above) and another 5 or 6 within striking distance. I've arbitrarily removed shows that less than 20 people have ranked from this list:

  1. Peter Diamandis - X Prize Foundation (Rating: 4.47)
  2. Robert Trivers - What Do We Know (Rating: 4.44)
  3. Steve Wozniak Part 2 - Gnomedex 4.0 (Rating: 4.40)
  4. Paul Graham - Author of Hackers and Painters (Rating: 4.40)
  5. Cory Doctorow - Europe's Coming Broadcast Flag (Rating: 4.4)
  6. Nassim Nicholas Taleb - What Do We Know - The Scandal of Prediction (Rating: 4.35)
  7. Clayton Christensen - Capturing the Upside (Rating: 4.28)
  8. Brewster Kahle - Universal Access to All Knowledge (Rating: 4.27)
  9. Lawrence Lessig - Clearing the Air About Open Source (Rating: 4.25)
  10. Ze Frank - Performance Artist, Humorist, Web Designer (Rating: 4.24)

One thing I noticed is that I'd only heard 4 of these. That makes 6 great shows I can put on my queue. A few other interesting facts: four of the top ten shows are from PopTech! and only three are from before 2005. None of them are what I'd call "hard-core IT" but rather observations about IT or interesting talks about other sciences.

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