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Michael Geoghegan

Today's IT Conversations podcast is a talk by Michael Geoghegan on monetizing podcasts.

Podcasters intent on monitizing their shows should also consider opportunities to leverage their valuable podcasting skills. So argues Michael Geoghegan who has successfully monetized both of his original podcasts, and gone on to forge a full time career as a podcaster-for-hire, launching successful shows for large media companies such as Disney. In this talk, Geoghegan highlights the special window of opportunity for podcasters wishing to sell their skills in these early days, before podcasting becomes a commodity.
From IT Conversations: Michael Geoghegan - Making Money Beyond Podcasting
Referenced Sat Apr 01 2006 12:16:22 GMT-0700 (MST)

Not only is it a good talk for anyone interested in podcasting, but it's also an example of Doug Kaye's first foray into video podcasting. The video shows the slides and because of MPEG4 compression is fairly compact, about 1Mb per minute. The show is optimized for viewing on a video iPod For many talks this will be a real asset.

Most of the time you can totally tune out the slides, but often you can't understand what the speakers saying without the visual. This is especially true of good uses of PowerPoint that don't simply bullet list the speaker's main points. I think this is the future of event-oriented podcasts like IT Conversations does much of the time. Having video to go along with the audio completely changes the game and will make these kinds of podcasts much more valuable for a larger audience. Hats off to Doug.

Because this is an experiment, the video's not in the RSS feed (although it could be). To put it in iTunes and sync it with your iPod, click on download and put it on your desktop, then drag it into the video tab in iTunes. iTunes will load it and sync with your iPod, if you have one. Once it's in iTunes, you can delete it from your desktop without affecting iTunes.

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