IABC/PRSA Spring Conference

I spoke, along with Bruce Fryer and Charley Foster at the spring conference of the Utah chapters of IABC and PRSA. Most of the audience was either public relations or marketing and communications folks. The subject was blogging. Charley live blogged the talk as we went. I put together a set of del.icio.us bookmarks that record the sites we mentioned.

The main message: speak with a human voice and be honest or don't bother. We also went over my notes on how to start a blog and told people to study Scoble's corporate blogger manifesto. This was a lot of fun. The only problem is that 50 minutes isn't enough time to go over everything in enough detail. We could easily spend a hour each on getting started, syndication, internal blogs, wikis, and many other topics. Maybe we should do a day-long seminar (open-space).

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