Collaboration Technologies and Timezones

I've switched venues to the Collaborative Technologies Conference, also in Boston this week. I'll be giving a talk in Identity 2.0 tomorrow morning at 8:45. The conference is at the Seaport, a very nice hotel near the Boston World Trade Center. I was able to take the T from MIT, where we were this morning, right to the WTC for $1.25. What a bargain. The silver line, is this weird underground bus thingie; first time I've ever seen that.

CTC is about collaboration and the tracks look quite interesting. I'm hoping to take in a session on the Web 2.0 enabled enterprise this afternoon and then some others tomorrow before I have to bug out. The conference scheduler is run by Trumba and let's you select events from the agenda and then add them to any number of Web-based calendars or download them in iCalendar format.

I was disappointed to see that it suffered from the time zone problem common to most calendars. When I travel, I leave my calendar set to Mountain time since I want it to be relative to where I'm at. When I schedule an appointment for next week, I don't want to have to do the math to make sure it ends up at the right time. The problem is that calendars aren't made relative to the individual using them, so all the events came in two hours early and I had to manually reset them.

Amazing that we still have so much trouble with time zones. Not that I'm claiming that dealing with them is easy. I hate trying to schedule meetings where you're dealing with more than two time zones--someone invariably misses do to a math error. Maybe we really will have to move to timezone tribes to keep it all straight.

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