RedHat's JBoss Acquisition is a Done Deal

Marc Fleury sent out a note to the JBoss newsletter mailing list today announcing that the RedHat acquisition of JBoss, announced in April, has closed. From my own experience in being acquired, this is the point where the dreaming stops and the work starts.

The period in between the deal and when it closes is kind of like being engaged. There are lots of things you'd like to do and plans you're making, but until the ceremony, it difficult to move forward with many of them. Once the deal closes, however, everything can move forward.

I've been a JBoss user for a long time now and seen it mature and grow over the years. I wish them well and hope the RedHat acquisition yields more of the same.

Scott Mace interviewed Marc Fleury about JBoss and the the role of open source in changing the face of EJB at JavaOne in 2004. You can find that show at IT Conversations.

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