Social Innovations Conversations Launch

The Conversations Network launched a new channel this week: Social Innovations Conversations. Doug has been working hard to redo the IT Conversations code to support multiple channels. This is the first channel to launch under the new system.

Peter Durand, who is the series editor for the GlobeShakers series on the the new channel, has a post on the launch. His article talks about some of the shows that have appeared on the new channel. If you subscribe to the IT Conversations RSS feed, you got a sneak peak of some of these shows on your iPod due to a serendipitous bug in the software that creates the RSS feeds.

Social Innovations Conversations (SIC) is a product of the Stanford Center for Social Innovation and the Pittsburgh Social Enterprise Accelerator. Previously, material in this category would have appeared on IT Conversations since it's was the only channel we had. Now, shows that touch on social issues will be mainly showing up in SIC. Tune in and give it a spot on your iPod.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:19 2019.