Podcast Pickle - No idea
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Podcast Pickle - No idea what it is
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Yesterday at Podcast Academy, Doug Kaye made a couple of announcements that will be important to anyone interested in podcasting. There are a number of tools that Team ITC (the folks who produce the shows on IT Conversations and other other GigaVox Media channels) use. GigaVox has decided to release some of them for everyone to use.

The first is the Levelator, a tool for automatically adjusts the audio levels within a podcast to account for variations in level between speakers. So on on a conference call, for example, where one person's coming in stronger than the rest you could use the Levelator in post production to even that out. Without the Levelator, this is a huge job. The application is available for Windows and OS X. Bruce Sharpe and his son Malcolm are the brains behind this amazing piece of software.

The second announcement was for GigaVox Audio Lite, a slimmed down version of the content management and show assembly system that we use to run IT Conversations. This is an online server, so there's nothing to buy or install. GigaVox Audio Lite is like Salesforce.com for podcast production.

The Levelator should be available for download later today. Audio Lite will enter beta later this year. I'll be sure to let you know.

Update: The Levelator available now.

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