Program Descriptions for the NPR Crowd

When we get the TechNation shows from KQED, they always include a blurb about the show, meant to be used by stations who receive the show in syndication when they promote the broadcast. We typically use that same text in in the descriptions you see on IT Conversations.

I don't always get to listen to shows, TechNation or otherwise, before they're put up and sometimes I wonder about the content of the shows we get when I read the station blurb. This last week's show is a good example. The blurb we got from the station and ran on IT Conversations said:

Paul Goldstein, Professor of Law at Stanford, speaks with Dr. Moira Gunn about the days of McCarthy, the blacklisting of the Hollywood community and issues of today.

That is undoubtedly written to appeal to an NPR crowd, but when I read it, I wondered how appropriate the show was for IT Conversations and whether IT Conversations listeners would find it interesting. I listened to the show on the way into work this morning and that sentence describes one brief interchange in a show that deals mostly with intellectual property and his new novel (which also deals with IP). If you're interested in open source, file sharing, P2P, copyright law, and other related topics, you'll probably like this show, regardless of what the description says.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:18 2019.