One of the things I've thought IT Conversations needed was a panel-style show that aired regularly. I like that style of show as a listener and hear occasionally from other people that they like them too. So, I started one.

I just published the second installment of Technometria as a regular panel today. I published the first last week.

The first show had Dave Rosenberg of MuleSource as a guest and has an open source focus. The second show had Ross Mayfield as a guest and we talked a lot about wikis, social software, and the Google/JotSpot deal, as you can imagine.

We must be doing something right since I've already received my first piece of hate mail--accusing me of providing free advertising to SCO--about the first show. This guy obliviously missed the point of open conversations on IT Conversations. I think ITC listeners are smart enough to make up their own minds about what people say on my show or anyone else's.

My regular guests, or co-hosts--whatever--are Scott Lemon and Matt Asay. I'm enjoying their contributions and interaction a lot.

We just finished recording the third installment today (watch for it next Monday) with Tom Copeland, the founder and operator of RubyForge. It was a good conversation and I'm anxious for people to hear it.

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