Top Ten Shows on IT Conversations for December 2006

Here are the top ten most popular shows on IT Conversations for December by downloads:

  1. Tim O'Reilly's O'Reilly Radar from the MySQL conference
  2. Steven Levy - How the iPod Shuffles Culture
  3. Alistair Cockburn - Redefining Software Engineering
  4. Emerging Telephony Sessions - Community & Activism
  5. The Wireless Explosion - Supernova2006
  6. Rohit Khare - Decentralization in Commerce and Open Source
  7. IEEE Spectrum Radio - Reconstructing Iraq's Power Grid
  8. Alisson Young - Bringing Down the Price of Drugs
  9. Lebkowsky & Rosen - Political Networks
  10. John Ostrem - LiPs Linux Phone Initiative

Overall in December we served up over 800 unique MP3 files from our collection. Interestingly 9% of our requests for MP3 files were from China.

As interesting as these numbers are, I depend even more on ratings that you leave on the individual programs. Take a minute to login to IT Conversations and rate some of the shows you've listened to recently.

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