Top Ten IT Conversations Shows for January 2007

Here are the top ten most listened to shows on IT Conversations for January 2007:

  1. Who Owns "You"? - Supernova2006
  2. John Seely Brown - Supernova 2005
  3. Peter Navarro - Tech Nation
  4. Curt Carlson - Tech Nation
  5. David Platt - Why Software Sucks
  6. Chip Heath - Tech Nation
  7. Gary Lang - Opening the Possibilities: APIs and Open Source Code
  8. Sudoku, Biorobotics & Aeronautical Genius - IEEE Spectrum Radio
  9. Dr. Pauline Mele - BioTech Nation
  10. Kelly Phillipps - New Technology In Enterprises

Today was the first time I've used my new Perl script to generate this list. Up until now, I was manually grabbing the top ten downloads from the stats page and then creating the list. The problem was having programatic access to the show data to correlate with the show URL in the log files. My script reads and parses the RSS feed to grab the show data. So this is a nice example of easy, loosely coupled integration. No need to have access to the database.

I plan to update the program to grab the rating data from Loomia as well and generate rating data. I plan to eventually generate RSS feeds to these. I'll let you know.

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