CTO Breakfast for March 2007

We'll hold the March CTO Breakfast this Thursday at 8am in the Novell Cafeteria (see directions here) in Building G of the Provo Novell Campus.

At least one person has contacted me and asked if we could discuss what I can best describe as "open source gravitus" in Utah. Does Utah have enough open source happening to create some interesting synergies? This group apparently thinks so.

Some of us were at the Mountain West Ruby conference last week and I'm sure that will come up. As always, I'm intrigued by identity. What's eating you? Come talk about it.

Here are the dates for future breakfasts. Put them on your calendar now:

  • April 20 (Friday) (changed!)
  • May 24 (Thursday)
  • Jun 29 (Friday)

I'll see you Thursday. Note that due to Brainshare, we'll be meeting in the cafeteria itself, not the conference room on the east end. Just look for us--you'll find us.

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