I'm listening to Doug Fabrizio interview EO Wilson on Radio West. Doug is one of the best interviewers I know and I always enjoy him--I listen to him whenever I can.

EO Wilson is in Salt Lake this week as a guest of the Utah Museum of Natural History and the Nature Conservancy. He spoke last night as part of the Nature of Things series. He was just delightful to hear and listen to.

EO Wilson is the author of many influential books, including On Human Nature and, his latest, The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth.

Wilson's message is that the two greatest cultural forces that can be used to save our planet are science and religion. This is an unusual position as these two camps often see each other as cross purposes. I find his message refreshing and his delivery humorous, passionate, and intelligent.

If you're in Utah, you can listen to the interview's rebroadcast tonight at 7pm on KUER. The audio will be online tomorrow at the link above.

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