iProvo Prepares to Cross 10,000 Subscriber Mark

iProvo is Utah's second largest municipal broadband project. The largest, Utopia, is a consortium of cities from around the state. iProvo, on the other hand, is a project of the Provo City. A story in today's Deseret News says that iProvo now has 9,480 subscribers. The graphic accompanying the story shows the growth since August, 2005. The trend is nearly linear, up and to the right.

iProvo used to believe that they needed 10,000 customers to break even, but that number has gone up to between 12,000 and 14,000. The big question is whether they can hit break even before the money they raised from bonds runs out.

iProvo has about 400 commercial accounts and the rest break down almost evenly between apartment complexes and residential customers. Kevin Garlick, iProvo's general manager, and Provo's mayor, Lewis Billings, believe that the number of commercial accounts could be greatly expanded.

iProvo has had a lot of naysayers over the years. Its good to see them succeed. While they're not out of the woods yet, they're on the right track and should be commended for vision and guts.

In the meantime, Utopia pulled fiber in front of my house last week. I expect my neighborhood to light up soon. I'm looking forward to it.

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